Paradox is the new place in Heswall to be. Bar and Restaurant situated in the heart of Heswall. We are trully innovative and exciting. Come and try us out!
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We serve drinks from 4pm – 12am Tuesday to Thursday

Friday – 4pm – 2am

Saturday and Sunday – 12pm – 2am


The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know

Paradox Lager – 4%  £4
Light and sweet with a dry and bitter finish, brewed especially for us and imported direct from Bavaria, perfect session lager


Budvar – 5%  £4.50
Original Czech lager, pale in colour and brewed using artesian waters & hops


Estrella Damn – 4.6% £4.20
A classic Mediteranean lager brewed in the heartland of Cataluna with a crisp refreshing taste & a pale finish


Strongbow Cloudy Apple – 4.5%  £4.00
A modern cloudy apple cider with sweet & lively flavours & a pale fizzy finish


Hophouse 13 – 4.5%  £4.50
A distinctive golden lager double hopped with Irish barley & aromatic herbs


Paradox Summer Fruits – 4%  £4.00
Brewed by a microbrewery in Somerset the sweetness of the red berries make this a perfect summer drink


Heineken Extra Cold – 5%  £4.50
A beer served at sub-zero temperatures, light. crisp & refreshing beyond belief


Theakstons Pale Ale – 4.5%  £4.00
A mix of British & European hops, light in colour and in taste this is a fantastic session ale


Lagunitas IPA – 5.8%  £5.20
A premium Californian IPA, this is a deliciously well rounded & highly drinkable IPA, the caramel malt barley mellows out the tang of the rich hops


Guiness Extra Cold – 4.3%  £4.10
A dark ruby coloured Irish stout, with a beautiful creamy head but I’m sure you already knew all that


The more you try to impress people, the less impressed they’ll be

Modelo Especial – 4.5%  £4.00
A pilsner styled lager, slightly sweet with a light hoppy character & crisp finish


Peroni Nastro Azzurro – 5%  £4.00
An Italian premium lager that offers hoppy bitterness with a well balanced late lingering taste of sweetness


Alahambra Reserva – 6.4%  £4.00
Using water drawn from the Sierra Nevada mountains this is an award winning lager with a very powerful nose


Duvel Golden Ale – 8.5%  £4.20
Light in body, pale in colour and strong in character it combines the drinkability of a lager with the aromas of a fine ale


Brewdog Punk IPA – 3.8%  £4.00
Fantastic citrusy aromas with lemongrass and caramel


London Pale Ale – 4.7%  £4.00
An unbelievably clean finish with an array of hops, malts and grains


Day of the Dead Amber Ale – 5.5%  £3.60
A rich copper coloured ale with toffee and caramel notes and a floral hoppy bitterness


Brooklyn Lager – 5.2%  £4.00
Award winning original brown ale with a deep amber colour


Rekordelig Fruit Cider – 4%  £4.00
From Swedish springs this fruity cider comes in 2 flavours: Strawberry & Lime or Mixed Berries, perfectly served over ice with a berry garnish


Savanna Apple Cider – 5%  £4.00
South Africa’s finest extra dry cider. a great premium choice for all you cider lovers!


Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free – 4%  £3.20
Italy’s most iconic lager brewed innovatively to remove the gluten but keep the great taste


Heineken 00  £3.20
European non alcoholic lager, refreshing and oozing with classic Heineken taste


Don’t procrastinate any more do it now

On Draught

Pepsi  £2.1 /£3
Diet Pepsi  £2.1 / £3
Lemonade  £2.1 / £3
Coca Cola (330ml)  £2.4
Diet Coke (330ml)  £2.4
Appletiser (330ml)  £2.4
Primrose Hill Tonic  £1.8
Primrose Hill Light Tonic  £1.8
Fever Tree Ginger Ale  £1.8
Fever Tree Bitter Lemon  £1.8
Still Water or Sparkling Water  £1.8


Passion Fruit